El Parlamento de los Ciudadanos

El pasado martes, 21 de marzo de 2017, se celebró en Bruselas el Parlamento de los Ciudadanos. Personas de todas partes de Europa y los eurodiputados debatieron sobre desempleo juvenil, globalización, seguridad, cambio climático y la UE después del Brexit. La reunión fue inaugurada por el Presidente Tajani y moderada por la Vicepresidenta Mairead McGuinness.

Cinco de nuestr@s compañer@s de UEF España asistieron a ese pleno y pidieron la palabra. Parte de sus intervenciones está en esta declaración:


Mr. President Tajani, Mr. MEP Jáuregui Atondo, honored MEPs, ladies and gentlemen, people of Europe: 

We, the people of the European Union meet today with you, dear MEPs, in times of grief and challenge for all of us as European citizens.

Our 28-EU is dead. But the new 27-EU lives on because the people of this great “global country” make a stand for it.

It is time not be in the shade nor slept, but to become heralds of Rule of Law, Representative Democracy, Human Rights, Dignity for all, women and men, and above all, Unity and Solidarity for the common good. For this reason, we are here today, strongly committed to our European construction and integration project.
We are proud to be part of this process because it is an accomplished, peaceful dream of tolerance and reconciliation.

As a result, we can firmly assure that all European citizens are necessary for the EU. In particular each of us is necessary to each other. We all depend on each other on one way or another and this makes us stronger, not weaker, and even more European. All of us pursue the same dreams and expectations.

Founding father Robert Schumann said in his speech at the United Nations General Assembly, in its 3rd Session, on the 28th September 1948, that Europe must unite in order to survive. He said that the ideas of federation and confederation were being discussed, and that he was happy to see such concepts being taken up, and studied.

You, our representative assembly of European public opinion, have the responsibility to lead the people to a new step in this ever-closer Union.
This is our mandate as free people to the largest and exceptional democratic Parliament in the planet. This is your main duty as representatives: To become new heralds acting as messengers and warriors for a United Europe based on our enriching common diversity and common heritage as well as our deep desires and aspirations.

Our hope is that the European Union will be a new free, supranational State and a reference at the global level.

Faced with such challenging scenario, we do believe that it is more necessary than ever a European Parliament that ensures an effective framework of cooperation among all bodies involved in the European construction.

Dear MEPs: commit yourself on a roadmap that will allow us to find again Europe´s place in the international community of free nations, setting the guidelines and steps forward during this meeting.

Thank you very much for this invitation,
Brussels, 21st March, 2017.

Ms. Celia Martínez, Ms. Paula Schmid, Mr. Damián Macías, Mr. Bernardo Ramos and Mr. Angel Satué de Córdova, all of us Members of the Union of European Federalists of Spain (UEF Spain).


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